Reform, Revolution, and Opportunism

Reform, Revolution, and Opportunism

An essential record from the Second International, assembled by Under the Socialist Banner editor Mike Taber.

At its height, the Second (Socialist) International (1889-1914) represented the majority of organized workers in the world, with the revolutionary goal of overthrowing capitalism. Its major accomplishments-such as the eight-hour day and International Women's Day--remain a testimony to its lasting influence around the world.

In this important collection of debates at congresses of the Second International, Reform, Revolution, and Opportunism captures the International's vibrancy and gives a snapshot of its strengths, weaknesses, and contradictions. Divergent perspectives on reform and revolution are expressed in these pages, as socialists debate topics that remain deeply contested today: militarism and war, immigration, colonialism and imperialism, women's rights, and socialist participation in government.

Reform, Revolution, and Opportunism--taken together with Under the Socialist Banner--offers a rounded view of the Second International and its legacy, showing it to be a living, breathing movement with valuable insights for activists today.

Publication Date: 
September 5, 2023