That Reminds Me

That Reminds Me

This is the story of K. If you
believe your life to be as fictitious as K's, if you find yourself within the
pages of this book, then you are holding the pen and not me.

are broken at birth. Shards slide apart. K: a child put into foster care, a boy
brought back to the city, a man who must fight to make sense of his past. Is
there hope to be found in a broken mind? Can the pieces of a life come together
to reveal an image that's steady? Episodic, fragmented, full of poetry's coiled
power, That Reminds Me is the story
of one young man remembering. It's an entreaty to a lost culture, and a fight
for love, for family, and for the respite of fixed identity. And
in its searing and delicate questionings--of belonging, addiction, sexuality,
violence, mental health, and religion--That
Reminds Me
firmly places Derek Owusu amongst the brightest British writers
of today.

Publication Date: 
February 21, 2023