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Repeating Zizek offers a serious engagement with the ideas and propositions of philosopher Slavoj Zizek. Often subjecting Zizek's work to a Zizekian analysis, this volume's contributors consider the possibility (or impossibility) of formalizing Zizek's ideas into an identifiable philosophical system. They examine his interpretations of Hegel, Plato, and Lacan, outline his debates with Badiou, and evaluate the implications of his analysis of politics and capitalism upon Marxist thought. Other essays focus on Zizek's approach to Christianity and Islam, his "sloppy" method of reading texts, his relation to current developments in neurobiology, and his theorization of animals. The book ends with an afterword by Zizek in which he analyzes Shakespeare's and Beckett's plays in relation to the subject. The contributors do not reach a consensus on defining a Zizekian school of philosophy--perhaps his idiosyncratic and often heterogeneous ideas simply resist synthesis--but even in their repetition of Zizek, they create something new and vital.

Contributors. Henrik Joker Bjerre, Bruno Bosteels, Agon Hamza, Brian Benjamin Hansen, Adrian Johnston, Katja Kolsek, Adam Kotsko, Catherine Malabou, Benjamin Noys, Geoff Pfeifer, Frank Ruda, Oxana Timofeeva, Samo Tomsic, Gabriel Tupinamba, Fabio Vighi, Gavin Walker, Sead Zimeri, Slavoj Zizek

Publication Date: 
May 1, 2015