Revelation:The Apocalypse of Jesus Christ

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This ground-breaking commentary on The Revelation to John (theApocalypse) reveals its far-reaching influence on society andculture, and its impact on the church through the ages.

  • Explores the far-reaching influence of the Apocalypse onsociety and culture.
  • Shows the book's impact on the Christian church through theages.
  • Looks at interpretations of the Apocalypse by theologians, ranging from Augustine to late twentieth century liberationtheologians.
  • Considers the book's effects on writers, artists, musicians, political figures, visionaries, and others, including Dante, Hildegard of Bingen, Milton, Newton, the English Civil warradicals, Turner, Blake, Handel, and Franz Schmidt.
  • Provides access to material not readily availableelsewhere.
  • Will appeal to students and scholars across a wide range ofdisciplines, as well as to general readers.

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    Publication Date: 
    January 16, 2004