Rules for a Flat World

Rules for a Flat World
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Technology and globalization are uprooting and reshaping daily life. Global supply chains are now deeply embedded, and digital platforms connect almost everyone in complex networks of data and exchange. This flat world is one of tremendous possibility, but it also poses challenges to
stability and shared prosperity. In Rules for a Flat World, Gillian Hadfield argues that the legal rules that currently guide global integration are no longer working. They are too slow, costly, and localized for increasingly complex advanced economies, and fail to address issues such as poverty,
instability, and oppression for the billions living in the developing world. Hadfield proposes a new set of rules that enhance complex societies and economic interdependence and makes the case for building a more agile infrastructure. In this paperback edition, she presents a new prologue to her
sweeping historical overview and vision of the relationship between law and economic and social prosperity.
Publication Date: 
November 1, 2016

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