Say It Loud!

Say It Loud!

In a magnum opus that spans two decades, Harvard Law School professor Randall Ken­nedy, one of our preeminent legal scholars and public intellectuals, gives us twenty-nine provocative essays--some previously published, others written for this occasion--that explore key social justice issues of our time.

Informed by sharpness of observation and often courting controversy, deep fellow feeling, decency, and wit, Say It Loud! includes:

The George Floyd Moment: Promise and Peril - Isabel Wilkerson, the Election of 2020, and Racial Caste - The Princeton Ultimatum: Anti­racism Gone Awry - The Constitutional Roots of "Birtherism" - Inequality and the Supreme Court - "Nigger" The Strange Career Contin­ues - Frederick Douglass: Everyone's Hero - Remembering Thurgood Marshall - Why Clar­ence Thomas Ought to Be Ostracized - The Politics of Black Respectability - Policing Ra­cial Solidarity

In each essay, Kennedy is mindful of com­plexity, ambivalence, and paradox, and he is always stirring and enlightening. Say It Loud! is a wide-ranging summa of Randall Kennedy's thought on the realities and imaginaries of race in America.

Publication Date: 
September 7, 2021