Sea Change: An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean

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Sea Change: An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean
"A stunning atlas of the present and future."--Rebecca Solnit, author of several books including Infinite Cities: A Trilogy of Atlases--San Francisco, New Orleans, New York

"An impassioned plea to save what remains of these remarkable island communities."--Booklist, starred review

One of the Best Science Books of 2023, New Scientist

This immersive portal to islands around the world highlights the impacts of sea level rise and shimmers with hopeful solutions to combat it.

Atlases are being redrawn as islands are disappearing. What does an island see when the sea rises? Sea Change: An Atlas of Islands in a Rising Ocean weaves together essays, maps, art, and poetry to show us--and make us see--island nations in a warming world.

Low-lying islands are least responsible for global warming, but they are suffering the brunt of it. This transportive atlas reorients our vantage point to place islands at the center of the story, highlighting Indigenous and Black voices and the work of communities taking action for local and global climate justice. At once serious and playful, well-researched and lavishly designed, Sea Change is a stunning exploration of the climate and our world's coastlines. Full of immersive storytelling, scientific expertise, and rallying cries from island populations that shout with hope--"We are not drowning! We are fighting!"--this atlas will galvanize readers in the fight against climate change and the choices we all face.

Publication Date: 
May 23, 2023

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