She'll Take It

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She'll Take It

Aspiring actress. Temp worker. Shoplifter. For Melanie Zeitgar, stealing is a lot like love: she knows the right thing when she sees it. Unfortunately, she sees it everywhere. She doesn't mean to take things. Just like she doesn't mean to fib about her career. Or continue eating chocolate. Or wait for a call from Ray, the Beautiful Musician Who Must Have Been in a Horrible Accident that Broke His Dialing Fingers.

Melanie's number one rule--in life, love, and theft--is this: Don't Get Caught. But sometimes, even the best kleptomaniac has an off day. Now, with every part of her life veering out of control, Melanie's met a guy whose heart is hers for the taking--if she's brave enough to pay the price . . .

"Funny, outrageous, and touching."
--Holly Chamberlin, author of The Summer Nanny

Publication Date: 
August 28, 2018