Sh*t on my Hands: A Down and Dirty Companion to Early Parenthood

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Refreshingly frank and honest advice that will boost parents' confidence

'Upside of being a parent: pure love. Downside: sh*t on my hands.' So says Bunny Banyai, one of the authors of this pithy commentary on the twists and turns of parenting under-twos. Blunt, humorous, and heartfelt in equal measures, Sh*t on My Hands speaks to everyone heading down the baby-raising road. While there are many parenting books and manuals out there, few offer relief for sleep-deprived parents who feel as if they're getting it all wrong.

Divided into chapters for each few months of a baby's life, the book takes on everything from bathing, diaper changing, and endless feeding, to single parenting and staying sane. With many belly laughs along the way, it will leave every parent with a smile on their face - even though there's nothing we can do about the sh*t on your hands.

Publication Date: 
September 6, 2016