Silent Night: A Companion to the Song

Silent Night: A Companion to the Song
In Salzburg in 1818, two friends created a Christmas carol that that touched hearts like no other--reflecting religious affiliations, eliciting nostalgic feelings, evoking family memories, and ultimately becoming a symbol of peace worldwide. In this volume, distinguished authors offer facts, background information, and interpretations on "Silent Night," providing insight into its serendipitous emergence during a period of profound social upheaval. The author's contributions reveal the twists and turns on the song's unforeseen road to success, all of which testify to the strength of its message even in the present day. Due to the song's wide appeal, "Silent Night" has become the most translated Christmas carol in the world. Used for political and commercial purposes as well as in intimate settings, it has also became the impulse of diverse artistic creativity.
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2019