Slowing Down to See the World: 50 Years of Biking and Walking with Butterfield & Robinson

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For half a century, the Canadian travel company Butterfield & Robinson has been turning travellers onto the joy of experiencing the world by bicycle and on foot. Slowing Down to See the World celebrates B & R s fiftieth anniversary with a stunning, fully-illustrated chronology of their remarkable entrepreneurial journey.
Spurred by creativity and fueled by fun, this is the story of visionary leaders who bucked the traditional focus on the bottom line, and pursued an unwavering (and at times unusual) commitment to trip quality and traveller satisfaction. In the course of simply doing their own thing, Butterfield & Robinson pioneered luxury active travel, established an internationally recognized brand, and brought scores of people into their community.
For the initiated, Slowing Down to See the World is a ride down memory lane. For the uninitiated, it s a primer on how to live a good life. And for everyone, it s a reminder that work doesn t really feel like work when you re surrounded by inspiring and energetic people.
Publication Date: 
March 8, 2016