Sometimes People Fight—Even When They Love Each Other

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Sometimes People Fight?Even When They Love Each Other
A thorough and easy way to discuss disagreements and arguments with young children.

Everyone has been in an argument.

Sometimes we disagree when watching sports, like football or baseball. Sometimes we fight about where to go or what to do. Sometimes arguments are simply the result of misunderstandings or differing opinions.

If they're not immediately resolved, though, disagreements can cause tension that builds up over time and can affect the people around us. In Sometimes People Fight--Even When They Love Each Other, a child takes the reader through their parents' recent disagreements, demonstrating how they start, how they affect him, and how they can be resolved through discussion, compromise, and forgiveness.

This book thoughtfully teaches young readers about arguing with friends and family and shows them healthy ways to process and respond to what they're feeling. Sometimes People Fight--Even When They Love Each Other gives parents, grandparents, and caregivers the opportunity to speak with children about this important topic.

Publication Date: 
September 3, 2019