The Song of the Sea

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The Song of the Sea

The ocean has always been a place of freedom for Lisa Whelan, and after her newborn son passes away, she returns to her family home by the sea to seek freedom from her grief. She's not expecting to meet anyone, and is caught off guard by the attraction she feels for Rachel, the part-owner of a local restaurant. That initial spark is dampened, however, when Lisa realizes that Rachel has a child.

Rachel Murray has worked hard to build a life for herself and her son but raising Declan has not been without its challenges. Each day when Rachel picks him up from school, she says a silent prayer that he will be waiting for her in his classroom, and not in the principal's office. Again. Her son's behavior has grown increasingly disruptive, and Rachel is at a loss at how to help him.

Despite her grief, Lisa finds herself drawn to both Rachel and Declan. She thinks she can keep her emotions at bay-- keep from drowning in grief and keep from falling in love--but she finds both to be a tidal wave, washing over her, sweeping her off her feet. Lisa never intended on falling in love with anyone, and she certainly cannot allow herself to fall for someone whose son is a constant reminder of the child she lost. Or can she?

Publication Date: 
June 18, 2019