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Being known as the chef of Love, my true goal in life has always been to help the viewers and readers understand that food has always played a signicant role in our life. Be it in love occasions, marriage, birthday parties, promotions on our job, or just Sunday gatherings, food is one of many keys to the heart. Food is the international language. Ive never seen a person eating and frowning! Great meals keep us coming back for more. My philosophy is that food is about bringing people into your world. We truly cook from the heart. Two people can cook a meal using and following a recipe but still taste different. Food is truly tied to our soul, and thats where we should always strive to cook from. I live by the 4Fsfaith, family, food, and fun. Unlock a great recipe, and you will unlock someones heart (Jernard Wells).
Publication Date: 
April 13, 2018