The Steadfast Tin Soldier

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A New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book

This book is a perfect example of what a book can be at its best qua book. It was printed with custom inks on unique textured paper, lovely choices made to ensure a graphically striking book that will hold attention and catch the eye. The Steadfast Tin Soldier is the first story Andersen wrote without a folktale source or literary model, so it stands as a completely original work of the imagination, which changed the fairytale genre for all time.

"There were once five-and-twenty tin soldiers. They were all brothers, born of the same old tin spoon. . . . All looked exactly alike except one. He looked a little different as he had been cast last of all. The tin was short, so he had only one leg. . . . But just you see, he'll be the remarkable one."

So begins Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale of good and evil; purity and personality; fate and grace. In this boldly-illustrated contemporary retelling, Yoon takes on the harshness and poignancy of the story, leaving readers with the sense that nothing is ever lost; it just changes shape and continues anew.

JooHee Yoon is an award-winning (Forbes 30 under 30, New York Times Best Illustrated 2015, Society of Illustrators NY Gold) illustrator and printmaker committed to the art of bookmaking. She enjoys combining illustration with design and using both traditional and industrial printing techniques. Rather than a single approach, she tries to match the tone of each project. She strives to create picture books that work on many levels and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Yoon has three other titles with Enchanted Lion Books Beastly Verse, The Tiger Who Would Be King and Up Down Inside Out.

Publication Date: 
November 15, 2016