Stepdog: A Memoir

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From Pulitzer Prize winning "New York Times" journalist Mireya Navarro comes "Stepdog," the hilarious and heartwarming tale of a woman who has finally met the man of her dreams and the dog of her nightmares.
After more than three decades of happy single womanhood, Mia Navarro wasn t really looking to change her relationship status . . . until she fell in love with Jim and agreed to marry him. As it turns out, the marriage is pretty wonderful; the stepkids are, well, typical pre-teens; the weather in Los Angeles is perfect. But life is not spotless. The spots belong to Jim s mutt, Eddie. Possessive and jealous, Eddie behaves like Jim s mistress, and as time goes on, a full-on war ensues. Mia slams the door in Eddie s face, cordons off the house into dog and wife territories, and leaves the back door open . . . by, er, accident, of course. She even tries to leave Eddie behind in California when she and Jim abruptly relocate to New York. But in the end, it s clear that not even a wife can come between man and dog. As Eddie ages, the two must make peace with each other. "Stepdog" is a triumphant story about finding love at an unexpected stage in life and the many unforeseen obstacles not only of the four-legged variety that can get in the way on the road to happily ever after."
Publication Date: 
January 5, 2016