Stuff You Never Want to Find in Your Parents' House

Stuff You Never Want to Find in Your Parents' House
There are some things better left swept under the rug... This horrifying photo essay might prevent you from ever going in the family attic again.

Take this book as a cautionary (and hilarious) tale of woe--capturing some of the most frightening, traumatic, and straight-up disgusting items that you could ever possibly come across in your parents' house. It's a ridiculous and dark comedy that might hit too close to home for some. Because if we've all got our secrets, then surely that "we" must include our parents.

What nefarious items have your parents stashed away in the nooks and crannies of your family home? This book offers some of the worst-case scenarios, all captured in hilariously earnest crime-scene photography.

Some of the items photographed in this book include sex toys (obviously), paraphernalia for the purposes of conducting satanic rituals, equipment that is clearly being used to cook crystal methamphetamine, a Saint Andrew's Cross (and other large-scale BDSM equipment), the cremated ashes of your Golden Retriever Sebastian (who you were led to believe had simply retired to a farm upstate), and a live human prisoner chained to a radiator.

Publication Date: 
March 24, 2020