Sundidos! The greatest revolution in technology since the invention of the steam engine? No more pollution, global warming, nuclear waste, rising heating and driving expenses, energy shortages, no more wars over fossil fuels. Sundidos are inexpensive solar-cell batteries that make fossil fuels and nuclear fusion obsolete. Who wouldn't like that? The people who murdered sundido inventor Nora Heatley, that's who. Devastated, Joe Heatley, her husband, hunts her killers while he tries to save sundidos. What he finds is a 700-year-old conspiracy to manipulate mankind's destiny. Joe faces a parade of characters including right-wing and left-wing hypocrites, Nora's hippy boss, her terrified, genius co-inventor, a rapture-obsessed cop, two morbidly punning women, and local, state, and federal law enforcement agents who compete to harass Joe. Serious, droll, exciting by turns, Sundidos is more than a thriller. Amid the 21st-century devastation caused by internal-combustion engines, the need for sundidos is in deadly earnest.
Publication Date: 
July 20, 2013