Super Giant Grab A Pencil Book of Sudoku

Super Giant Grab A Pencil Book of Sudoku
Get ready to enjoy this SUPER GIANT compilation of numerical puzzles, but be warned: Sudoku is seriously addictive! This collection is a must have for puzzle connoisseurs everywhere! Packed with nearly 700 mind-twisting, sanity testing puzzles of every level--from the ego boosters to the dauntingly difficult--this book will surely provide hours of entertainment, Whether you are new to these puzzles or already hooked, you will find this collection impossible to put down. These simple to learn but difficult to master puzzles are perfect for all ages and abilities. So grab your pencil and get ready to take on this compilation of numerical brain-teasers. Just be prepared to think hard and have fun at the same time!
Publication Date: 
December 21, 2018