Super Woman's Child : Son of a Single Mother

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Super Woman's Child : Son of a Single Mother
From a young author who has lived through what he writes about, Superwoman's Child is an eye-opening novel chronicling one teenage son's struggle with his trouble-filled life.

Growing up the only male in a house full of women is no easy task. Sometimes the women can be as sweet as pie, while other days they turn into something he wouldn't dare say out loud.

So is the life of Sean Morris, a teenager with an absent father and troubles many would recognize. Even though his father's been practically missing in action for a while, Sean still wonders if his father will ever be there for him, especially now, when he needs him most. Will Sean be able to handle new challenges without a male role model? Or will he come to terms with the fact that the only people he needs in his life are the ones who actually love him--the superwomen who are already there?

Sure to resonate with parents and teenagers alike, Superwoman's Child is by turns humorous and heart wrenching--a revealing story of the determined perseverance of one son and the unwavering encouragement of his mother.

Publication Date: 
June 27, 2006