Supporting Your Offsite Events

Supporting Your Offsite Events

Are you interested in us supplying books to your event? Please review the below options to determine which will work best for you.  

Please see this page if you want to hold an event at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore or 57th Street Books. 


  • Seminary Co-op booksellers purchase and deliver books to your event, manage on-site sales, and return unsold books back to the store.
  •  The number of booksellers needed is determined by the size of the event. Typically, an event with up to 250-300 attendees requires only one event runner. Additional staffing support might be needed for events with an anticipated attendance of over 250-300 people.
  • A potential fee may be required to cover our costs. 

If you decided on a Staffed Event and want us to support your event with in-person sales, please fill out our Offsite event request form. Our team will review your response and circle back with the next steps. Note that the form should be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event date to allow us time to finalize staffing and order book stock.



If you are interested in purchasing books to distribute for your event or would like to facilitate a book giveaway, our team would be happy to fulfill your order and potentially advertise the giveaway.

  • All bulk purchases require prepayment in full, are considered final, and are not returnable. 

If you are interested in purchasing books in bulk to supply at an event, but do not require onsite sales, please fill out our bulk order form here, and our orders team will get back to you with next steps. They can be reached at If you are organizing a giveaway for our purchase and would like us to help promote it, please reach out to our events and marketing team at