Swimming Studies

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Winner of the 2012 National Book Critics Circle Award, Autobiography
Swimming Studiesis a brilliantlyoriginal, meditative memoir that explores the worlds of competitiveand recreational swimming. From her training for the Olympic trials as ateenager toenjoying pools and beaches around the world as an adult, Leanne Shaptonoffers a fascinating glimpse into the private, often solitary, realm ofswimming. Her spare and elegant writing reveals an intimate narrative ofsuburban adolescence, spent underwater in a discipline that continues to inspire Shapton s work as an artist and author.Her illustrations throughout the book offer an intuitive perspective on the landscapes and imagery of the sport. Shapton semphasis is on thesmaller moments of athletic pursuit ratherthan its triumphs. For the accomplished athlete, aspiring amateur, or habitual practicer, this remarkable work of written and visual sketchespropelsthereader through a beautifully personal and universally appealingexercise in reflection."
Publication Date: 
July 5, 2012