Syria in Ashes

In this extensively updated edition of a book that was widely praised on its first publication nearly a decade ago, the acclaimed foreign correspondent and author Charles Glass, brings the the story of Syria up to date. In these pages he looks at the way the Assad government emerged victorious from a conflict that has left the country in ruins, wide swathes of its population immiserated, and a range of conflicts still unresolved.

The nuances of the Syrian civil war have never been well-understood in the West, least of all, it seems, by governments in the US and Europe, who, anticipating Assad's departure, made it a condition of any negotiated settlement. The consequences of that miscalculation, Charles Glass contends in this illuminating survey, contributed greatly to the disaster we witness today.

Glass has reported extensively from the Middle East, and travelled frequently in Syria, over several decades. Here he melds together reportage, analysis and history to provide an accessible overview of the origins and permutations defining the conflict, situating it clearly in the overall crisis of the region. His voice, elegant and concise, humane and richly-informed, is a vital antidote to the sloganizing that shapes so much commentary, and policy, concerning Syria.

Publication Date: 
April 30, 2024