Talking to the Enemy:Religion, Brotherhood, and the (un)Making of Terrorists

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"Atran explores the way terrorists think of themselves and teaches us, at last, intelligent ways to think about terrorists."
--Christopher Dickey, Newsweek Middle East Editor and author of Securing the City Talking to the Enemy by Scott Atran is an eye-opening and important book that offers readers a startling look deep inside terror groups. Based on the author's unprecedented access to and in-depth interviews with terrorists and jihadis--including Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Taliban extremists, as well as members of other radical Islamic terror organizations--Talking to the Enemy provides fresh insight and unexpected answers to why there are people in this world willing to kill and die for a cause. A riveting, compelling work in the tradition of The Looming Tower and Terror in the Name of God, Talking to the Enemy is required reading for anyone interested in making the world a safer, more secure place for everyone.
Publication Date: 
November 29, 2011