A Team of Their Own: How the Sisterhood and Sacrifice of Korea's Unified Olympic Hockey Team Inspired the World

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The inspiring, unlikely story of the American, Canadian, South Korean and even North Korean women who joined together to form Korea's first Olympic ice hockey team, for readers of books such as The Boys in the Boat, Outcasts United and The Blind SideTwo weeks before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea's women's hockey team was forced into a predicament that no president, ambassador or general had been able to resolve in the sixty-five years since the end of the Korean War. Against all odds, the group of young women were able to bring North and South Korea closer than ever before.The team was built for this moment. They had been brought together from across the globe and from a wide variety of backgrounds--concert pianist, actress, high school student, convenience store worker--to make history. Now the special kinship they had developed would guide them through the biggest challenge of their careers. Suddenly thrust into an international spotlight, they showed the powerful meaning of what a unified Korea could resemble.In this book, Seth Berkman goes behind the scenes to tell the story of these young women as they became a team amid immense political pressure and personal turmoil, and ultimately gained worldwide acceptance on a journey that encapsulates the truest meanings of sport and family.
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October 1, 2019