Tease Monster: (A Book about Teasing vs. Bullying)

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Tease Monster: (A Book about Teasing vs. Bullying)

Is the Tease Monster a friend or a foe?

That's what One of a Kind has to figure out in this quirky tale that teaches young readers the difference between nice teasing and mean teasing.

One-of-a-Kind is truly unique. Made up of multiple colors, One has big feet and loves eating popsicles while standing upside down. But when Purple laughs at One for being weird and Green playfully calls One a klutz for tripping on the stairs, One feels rotten and vows never to go back to school.

One doesn't understand the difference between friendly teasing and mean teasing. But with Mom's help, One learns that teasing is part of life and that laughing at someone (mean teasing) can have a hurtful bite while laughing with someone (nice teasing) can be alright... it it's not done out of spite!

Tease Monster is part of Julia Cook's Building Relationships book series. Included in the book are tips for parents and educators on how to help children understand the differences between teasing and bullying.

The series also includes:

  • Cliques Just Don't Make Cents
  • Making Friends Is an Art!
  • Peer Pressure Gauge
  • Hygiene... You Stink!
  • Rumor Has It...
  • The Judgmental Flower
  • Table Talk
  • I Want to Be the Only Dog
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    Publication Date: 
    February 15, 2013