Theological Ethics and Global Dynamics:In the Time of Many Worlds

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The nature of ethics has been the subject of much controversy andargument in recent decades. Theological Ethics and GlobalDynamics tackles these various debates, offering awide-ranging, comprehensive, and provocative statement of thenature of theological ethics in global times.

  • Offers an accessible, lively, and provocative statement of thenature of moral philosophy and theological ethics in contemporarytimes.
  • Tackles various perspectives on debates about distinctlyChristian ethics.
  • Argues that we need to reframe the arena in which moralquestions are asked.
  • Engages a range of positions, exploring distinctively modernissues such as moral and cultural relativism, globalization, problems of consumption and violence, and religiouspluralism.
  • Addresses the complexity of certain ethical decisions, whichare difficult and far from clear-cut, and yet presents an ethicalunderstanding which is both humane and deeply religious.
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