From These Honored Dead : Historical Archaeology of the American Civil War

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From These Honored Dead : Historical Archaeology of the American Civil War
"Civil War enthusiasts will find the investigations in this book fascinating. A cadre of skilled, veteran archaeologists covers the continent--including camps and battle sites in Virginia, Kentucky, Texas, Missouri, Florida, and South Carolina."--Robert K. Krick, author of Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain "From These Honored Dead is a significant addition to the literature on the archaeological study of the American Civil War, and of conflict in general."--William B. Lees, executive director, Florida Public Archaeology Network "Demonstrates the value in an archaeological approach to battlefield and related sites."--David R. Bush, author of I Fear I Shall Never Leave This Island Separating myth from fact, From These Honored Dead uses historical archaeology to uncover the truth in the many conflicting memories of the American Civil War that have been passed down through generations.
By incorporating the results of archaeological investigations, the essays in this volume shed new light on many aspects of the Civil War. Topics include soldier life in camp and on the battlefield, defense mechanisms such as earthworks construction, the role of animals during military operations, and a refreshing focus on the conflict in the Trans-Mississippi West. Supplying a range of methods and exciting conclusions, this book displays the power of archaeology in interpreting this devastating period in U.S. history.
Publication Date: 
April 15, 2014

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