They Made a Revolution: The Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution

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The founding fathers and mothers of the United States were not, as history often makes them out to be, stuffy cardboard figures of virtue and nobility. They Made a Revolution introduces them as the real people they were--complete with their inevitable flaws and weaknesses. Through their letters, diaries, and reminiscences, discover what was going on in the minds of this country's revolutionary leaders as they committed treason against the most powerful nation on earth, risking their lives for the sake of freedom. Meet "The Sly Fox," Sam Adams; "The Rich Rebel," John Hancock; "The Silver-Tongued Bumpkin," Patrick Henry; and the very brave Abigail Adams and full-of-secrets Martha Washington. Each of these characters comes alive in this fabulous collection of historical biographies.

These are the stories of the courageous men and women who stood up to the British king and made a revolution happen. To England, they were traitors. To the United States, they became patriots.

Publication Date: 
June 28, 2016