Things I Could Tell You!

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Things I Could Tell You!
The Things I Could Tell You! by J. L. Woodson, is the story of Cameron Spears, a Chicago teenager growing up in a house filled with secrets and domestic violence. After changing identities and moving to Memphis, the past comes back to haunt Cameron-forcing him to make a deadly choice that changes his life forever. "This bright young author has written a story that hooks you in the prologue, which cleverly describes the intense ending of the story. The story is a pretty accurate portrayal of the effects abuse can have on a family and the extreme results that can occur. We thoroughly enjoyed this story. A Big 'Write On' to J. L. Woodson!" --Darcina Garrett, The Literary Diversions Book Club "I strongly encourage parents/adults to read this book because it shows what we, as women, tolerate sometimes for too long." --R. Hopes "A definite page turner! J. L. Woodson is absolutely inspiring. Word for word, he compels the reader to sit up and take notice." --Mary B. Morrison, National best selling author of When Somebody Loves You Back
Publication Date: 
June 1, 2001