A Thinking Person's Guide To America's National Parks

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A Thinking Person's Guide To America's National Parks

The book delves into issues affecting an array of parks: the iconic western national parks like Yellowstone; the urban parks such as Golden Gate National Recreation Area; historic sites including the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Gettysburg National Military Park; and cultural areas like Mesa Verde National Park that are among America's over 400 national parks.

Twenty-three essays from contributing authors with deep personal and professional connections to the national parks serve as expert guides to places in the park system where:

  • much of the nation's biological and cultural diversity is represented;
  • ideas such as freedom, civil rights, and conservation were conceived;
  • vast wilderness offers solitude and reflection;
  • storied landscapes preserve a sense of place;
  • the balance between recreation and preservation is tested;
  • research and learning engage the next generation;
  • the dynamics of nature are being shaped by a changing climate; and
  • innovations in technology, sustainability, and stewardship provide a sense of purpose and hope.
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    April 5, 2016