Thinking with Shakespeare

Thinking with Shakespeare
What is a person? What company do people keep with animals, plants, and things? Such questions--bearing fundamentally on the shared meaning of politics and life--animate Shakespearean drama, yet their urgency has often been obscured. Julia Reinhard Lupton gently dislodges Shakespeare's plays from their historical confines to pursue their universal implications. From Petruchio's animals and Kate's laundry to Hamlet's friends and Caliban's childhood, Lupton restages thinking in Shakespeare as an embodied act of consent, cure, and care. Thinking with Shakespeare encourages readers to ponder matters of shared concern with the playwright by their side. Taking her cue from Hannah Arendt, Lupton reads Shakespeare for fresh insights into everything from housekeeping and animal husbandry to biopower and political theology.
Publication Date: 
October 4, 2019