Tim Hartwell and the Brutus of Troy

Tim Hartwell and the Brutus of Troy
Tim Hartwell and the Brutus of Troy (The Guildhall Edition) is the second novel to the epic-fantasy novels from the Tim Hartwell series. In it, Tim begins his training in Wales with a mythological legend named Brutus of Troy who informs Tim about the London Stone and its hidden secrets. After a tragic death scene, both Tim and Brutus enter the temple of The Goddess of Diana in Troia Nova (City of London). Here Tim obtains new armor that the spirit of a Roman emperor gives him at the Mausoleum of Augustus. The beast Stratford Hartwell who, in this second novel, still hasn't captured the magical power of the Galon or the Book of Hartwell, plans his revenge. Later, Tim finds out that one of his companions is someone that he, surprisingly, knows very well. Brutus of Troy then takes his new friends to Llyn Cwellyn to search for the castle of the House of Scorpus, the place that will lead them into the depths of Selwyn's Chancer, the parallel world to Wales.
Publication Date: 
February 27, 2012