Tim Hartwell and the Death of Ages

Tim Hartwell and the Death of Ages
Tim Hartwell and the Death of Ages is the third book of the epic-fantasy novels from the Tim Hartwell series. As the story opens, Tim and Ceri entered the Gates of Death with some previous help from Brutus of Troy and the London Stone. But entering the Gates of Death, Ceri unexpectedly turns into the Watcher of the Last Fairy Maze forest. She must stay behind. Ceri leaves Tim, holding the Shield of Aeneas, to secretly find his way into the dungeons with many spirits, both good and evil. Meanwhile, Bledri and Tomes, the new kings from the House of Cynfor, are in control of Emosiwn Melyn Diamonds. They are expecting Tim and planning for his capture when he arrives in the Castle during the Carantoc gladiator games. But inside the colosseum, the goddess Venus gives Tim a magical box with a love potion that makes Princess Nia, the kings and rulers' only daughter, fall in love with him, instantly. Now, Tim, who found the Book of Hartwell and perfected the Firewyn Spell, finds himself in a newly found love and marriage. Importantly, Princess Nia must bear an heir for her parents throne when she comes of age to bear children. But for now, the two lovebirds leave together for the Bluebells Forest, a hidden realm within the Death of Ages, called Cynfornia from Selwyn's Chancer, a parallel world to Wales.
Publication Date: 
April 19, 2013