Tongue Twisters!

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Tongue Twisters!
Tons of tricky tongue twisters will have kids laughing over and over again in Tongue Twisters! A companion to Highlights' Laugh Attack and Knock Knock joke books, this hilarious humor collection contains over 1,500 kid-friendly tongue twisters covering topics about animals, school, travel and more.

With funny phrases and rib-tickling bonus cartoons, kids will amuse themselves--and their friends and family--with this ultimate tongue twister collection. Great for budding comedians ages 6-12, this joke book is filled with 352 pages of wholesome humor specially curated by the editors and kid experts at Highlights. This illustrated collection is filled with silliness and tongue twisters kids will love to share with friends, parents and siblings. Plus, telling jokes is a great way for kids to develop social-emotional skills and build confidence all while having fun.

Publication Date: 
August 23, 2022