Top Dogs: Portraits and Stories

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Top Dogs: Portraits and Stories
There is no refuting the special bond that exists between dogs and their humans. In this beautifully illustrated book, photographer Diane Costello presents over 150 images of some of the dogs she has photographed throughout her career and provides insight into the ways in which she works with her subjects to achieve images that are brimming with personality. She also introduces her canine clients, telling surprising, inspiring, and heart-warming stories that add a layer of depth and complexity to the portraits.

In this book, readers of all ages will marvel at the characteristics of dogs of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds and will learn what makes them unique. Costello shares the stories of some of her service dog clients who protect their special-needs owners, as well as those who serve the larger community. Finally, the author shares adoption stories that underscore the indelible impact that our four-legged family members have on our lives.

Publication Date: 
January 15, 2018