Trame : A Contemporary Italian Reader

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Trame : A Contemporary Italian Reader

Trame: A Contemporary Italian Reader brings together short stories, poems, interviews, excerpts from movie scripts and novels, and other works by 33 renowned authors. The readings cover familiar themes--youth, family, immigration, politics, women's voices, identity--from the fresh perspective of a new generation of Italian writers. By presenting a rich array of materials and many points of view, Tramehighlights the cultural complexity of contemporary Italy.

Each text is accompanied by a diverse selection of activities and exercises that help students read authentic texts and build their language skills. These include:

  • pre-reading activities that introduce important themes;
  • vocabulary lists with definitions in Italian;
  • writing exercises;
  • post-reading activities in discussion and analysis.
  • With its range of readings and exercises, Trame is designed to be easily adaptable to instructors' different needs and class levels. It is ideally suited to high-intermediate and advanced Italian language and culture courses.

    Publication Date: 
    March 17, 2009