Tree Stump : An Arabic Historical Novel

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One of the most prominent Arabic novels to document the intricate details of the revolt of the Arabs against the Turks and their collaboration with the English, The Tree Stump brings to life a critical period of history that includes key players such as King Faisal, Odeh Abu Tayeh, and T. E. Lawrence. It places the reader in the heart of that remarkable era with accuracy, authenticity, and an added human dimension that introduces the Arabian Desert people, traditions, and way of life. Author Samiha Khrais weaves tribal customs, religion, politics, and love into a history with characters that actually walked the land, lived on the land, and fought the land's war of independence with originality, pride, and wisdom. The novel stands witness to the lived experience of many Arabs in the region--experience that can still be seen today. The novel's style, content, and strong human dimension makes it an exception literary work with regional flavor and global appeal.
Publication Date: 
December 28, 2017