The Ultimate Beer Guide 2017: The Definitive Guide to Beer in America, Curated by Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®

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As the craft-beer industry continues to grow at a breakneck pace with new breweries opening at a rate of about one thousand per year, consumers have more choices than ever. But with that choice comes an even greater challenge to find the standouts in the crowded field. The Ultimate Beer Guide: Western Edition2017 is the perfect companion to this beer lover's journey, with a thoroughly researched and updated map to the dynamic craft-beer landscape, presented with engaging and in-depth writing from the expert editors and writers of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine(r). With profiles on more than four hundred of America's best breweries, including recommended bottles, tasting notes, style trends, editors' best-of lists, and regional beer tourism guides to beer bars and bottle shops, this guide is a must-have for any of the beer lovers that make up the annual US $19 billion plus craft beer market.

With a focus on practical applicability, this well-designed and easy-to-use guide presents information in a clear and concise way. Throughout the pages of the guide, readers avoid the hyperbole and misdirection of online crowd-sourced ratings and instead get honest opinions and nuanced suggestions from experts with a deep pool of experience. Carefully assembled by the team behind Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine(r), this guide builds on the knowledge base that has been assembled through years of exploring, tasting, and writing about the best in craft beer.

The Ultimate Beer Guide: Western Edition2017 is the perfect companion or gift for any beer lover."

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