Van Dog
Van Dog is a hybrid comic and seek-and-find picture book that contemplates art and creativity from author Mikolaj Pa and illustrator Gosia Herba.

Van Dog rides to the countryside to paint a landscape one day. As he mounts his easel, mixes his paints, and contemplates the scenery, the landscape slowly unfolds in weird and wonderful ways: a snail nibbles on a mushroom, ants gather to work, and a giant lizard monster sets off on a journey to Tokyo.

As the landscape becomes busier and busier, Van Dog struggles to finish his painting--but is he overwhelmed by his subject, or is the richness of the countryside precisely what inspires him?

"Robots, vampires, giant lizards, and every color of the rainbow populate the playful illustrations of this delightful book." --Foreword (Starred Review)

"A wacky, immersive picture book about artistic inspiration . . . A busy book with a heart for art." --Kirkus Reviews

"This wonderfully silly read will tickle readers with its details and unexpected twists." --Booklist

Publication Date: 
November 15, 2022