Vegetable Gardening: The Complete Guide to Growing More Than 40 Popular Vegetables in Any Space

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At a time when natural, organic food is at a premium and consumers want to know where their food comes from, a home vegetable garden seems like a no-brainer. Vegetable Gardening shows readers how to go from "backyard to table" in plots of any size--whether you live on a large piece of property or have a spot in a community garden, you can reap the healthy, delicious rewards of growing and eating your own fresh vegetables. From artichokes to zucchini, author Carol Klein shares the expertise gained from her years of gardening success to help gardeners of all skill levels select suitable locations, choose what to plant, determine when to plant, and nurture a garden full of thriving vegetables. Profiles of more than forty garden favorites include advice on where to grow, sowing and planting tips, how to care for the crop, harvesting instructions, storage and cooking ideas, common pests and diseases, and notable varieties.

Inside Vegetable Gardening:

The benefits of a backyard garden

Considerations for your garden site, including soil type, drainage, and exposure

Tips for growing in small spaces

Examples of different setups for watering your plants

Dealing safely with weeds, pests, and parasites

A seasonal guide to planting and harvesting

Step-by-step instructions for planting more than forty types of vegetables

Publication Date: 
March 8, 2016