Views from the Loft:A Portable Writer's Workshop

Views from the Loft:A Portable Writer's Workshop

Founded nearly four decades ago by a group of young writers, the Loft has become our nation's largest independent literary center. The dream animating its inception--to build a community of writers and readers--has borne remarkable fruit, and today the Loft's community extends from its home in Minneapolis to writers and readers around the world.

Gathering the collected wisdom of that community--from practical tips and suggestions to ruminations on the mystery of the writing process--this invaluable book provides writers everywhere with the tools and inspiration they need to thrive. Invigorating, insightful, and illuminating throughout, this portable workshop is essential for writers of all levels.

Views from the Loft collects more than sixty essays, including those from luminaries including: Grace Paley on the writer's responsibility in the world. Rick Bass on keeping your schedule open for the muse. Marilyn Chin on grandfathers, cowlicks, and shoe glue in first drafts of poems. Lewis Hyde on embracing the mythology of wholeness in nonfiction. Ted Kooser on fostering a poetic life. And Susan Straight on writing through clogged toilets, broken windows, and the other charms of single-motherhood.

Publication Date: 
July 20, 2010