We Want a Dog

From the author-illustrator of Ten on a Twig comes a hysterical dog book for kids and adults alike, perfect for any pet lover!

We want a dog! What kind of dog...?

This hilarious rhyming texts takes us through twenty-seven unexpected and amusing varieties of dogs that one could have, like "one that begs, one that sheds, one that rips things into shreds." And while the book is sure to delight any dog lover, the narrator's choice at the end will make readers laugh out loud! See how many of these lovable and amusing pups you can recognize from your own life.

Perfect for:
  • Gifts for anyone who has recently adopted a dog or rescue pet
  • Kids who keep asking for a dog
  • Fans of Can I Be Your Dog?
  • Also by Lo Cole:
    Ten on a Twig

    Publication Date: 
    June 8, 2021