Weird Church: Welcome to the Twenty-First Century

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Weird Church: Welcome to the Twenty-First Century
"Weird Church describes the massive shifts in culture that have impacted the church. It also provides a helpful common language for the different worldviews that exist in the institutional church today that might prevent further blaming of each other. Finally, it gives examples of the richness of diversity in healthy, relevant faith communities."--Bishop Sally Dyck, Northern Illinois Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church

In the post-Christendom era, the institutional church just isn't what it used to be. But don't give up hope for the future of faith. Weird Church offers church leaders a clear vision of what's coming next, so long as they're willing to live into a few critical shifts. Utilizing Spiral Dynamics as a means of framing the current changes in North American culture, Nixon and Estock give a thrilling forecast of where the church is going as we race toward the mid-century.

A wake-up call to anyone who still thinks church revitalization is simply a matter of doing better the things that used to come so easily. However, for the innovators whose ministries cannot fully be measured or understood by the old paradigms of members and money, Weird Church offers compelling vindication and encouragement that may cause them to stand and cheer.

Publication Date: 
February 5, 2016