What Can You See? Animals in the Night

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What Can You See? Animals in the Night
A lot happens in the natural world while you sleep! What Can You See? Animals in the Night is your guide to discovering what you miss in nature nightly. The included UV light reveals the nighttime creatures.

Moonlight reflecting off the surface of a pond. Fireflies twinkling in the bushes. Owls gliding through the air. Welcome to the world of What Can You See? Animals in the Night. In this exciting new animal book for kids, you will explore the lives of these nocturnal creatures in stunning, fully illustrated detail.

Journey to distant lands in search of amazing animals like the Samoan fruit bat and the cuddly koala. On the way, you will learn about the African leopard, the rare luna moth, and many other creatures. This innovative 32-page book includes specialty printing that makes it come to life under the included UV light! Just shine the light to reveal the nocturnal animals hidden in the spreads.

Publication Date: 
October 9, 2018