What I Think Happened: An Underresearched History of the Western World

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What I Think Happened, the debut book by comedian Evany Rosen, is really two books: a savvy, no-holds-barred romp through the history of the western world, and a personal "femmoir" by a self-described "failed academic" who recasts historiography from a feminist perspective--albeit an underqualified and overconfident one.

In these wide-ranging comic essays, Rosen explores numerous historical events and personalities that have had a personal impact on her as she attempts to understand why they've been the object of such fascination, from her unnatural obsession with Napoleon, to her misguided understanding of the Royal Family, to her intrigue over America's dumpiest presidents. Rosen's approach to history is to make it personal, which any good historian will tell you is exactly what not to do; but in so doing, and with whimsy and irreverence, she rescues history from the dusty confines of "intellectually aggressive" men and makes it fun again.

What I Think Happened is the first book to be published under a new series called Robin's Egg Books, a series of smart, culturally relevant humor titles on a variety of subjects, edited by comedian and writer Charles Demers.

Evany Rosen is a standup comic, actor, and writer, and a member of the now-defunct Canadian comedy troupe Picnicface. She has appeared at numerous comedy festivals and in films and on television, and as a voiceover actor in animated series such as Mysticons (Nickelodeon), Hotel Transylvania (Disney), and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Cartoon Network).

Publication Date: 
November 7, 2017