What I've Learned in 86½ Years

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What I've Learned in 86½ Years

Joseph Markovitch is a vulnerable old man with little in his life except a great sense of humor, an ability to walk all day, and a desire to talk to complete strangers on the way. He has left London only once (to go to the beach with his mother), is obsessed by Hollywood stars, has five sugars in his tea, wanted to be a ballet dancer (but ended up making suitcases), and has never had a romantic relationship. Although light in touch and humorous in tone, this book deals with a range of subjects, from relationships, family, and health to cinema, technology, and travel, in a way that is a thought-provoking and ultimately moving account of the modern world. The first and most popular of the Hoxton Mini Press titles.

Martin Usborne is an award-winning photographer and writer who lives and works in London. His work has been seen in galleries, magazines, books, and museums around the world. He has published five books and is the founder of Hoxton Mini Press.

Publication Date: 
April 18, 2017