When Glitter Met Glue

When Glitter Met Glue

The third hilarious picture book in the award-winning When Pencil Met Eraser series in which underappreciated Glue longs to stand out, and soon meets a new friend, Glitter, who helps bring out her inner sparkle, confidence, and creativity.

Glue loves making art with her friends--especially pasting on googly eyes!--but sometimes she feels invisible. Instead of always being stuck in the background, Glue wants to be noticed like Pencil and colorful like the Markers! How can she find a way to stand out?

When a new friend named Glitter arrives in a swirl of sparkles, Glue and Glitter team up to make something completely original and help Glue shine like the star she truly is.

When Glitter Met Glue spotlights art's unsung hero--a glue bottle--in a hilarious and clever story that encourages creativity, self-acceptance, and spurs us all to recognize our inner shimmer.

Publication Date: 
May 10, 2022