Where Have All the Prophets Gone?

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Author M. L. Steinbrugger has been a construction materials salesperson for over eighteen years. A product of the "baby boomer" generation, he has seen a lot of change over his lifetime. It wasn't until the past three or four years that he began to write about his observations and life experiences.

He is the father of five grown children and the grandfather of six, with a set of twins on the way. His passions include riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle side by side with his oldest son, Danny, writing poetry, and seeing his grandchildren grow and change as time goes by.

"Where Have All the Prophets Gone?" is his second book, the first being "My Normal Life," released in 2005. Each of his books share some of his true-life experiences and what he has learned from those experiences.

Steinbrugger's faith-based writings are thought provoking and insightful, and should inspire anyone needing a touch of hope.

He admits his opinions may step on some toes, but believes every now and then that's what it takes to wake people up!

Publication Date: 
December 1, 2006