Wide Awake:Buddhism for the New Generation

Wide Awake:Buddhism for the New Generation
Many of today's teenagers are tired of the pressure to compete and consume-and are looking for a different way to live their lives. This book offers an alternative: the 2,500-year old practice of Buddhism.

Written in a style that will have immediate appeal to young "seekers" and those wanting to understand the ancient teachings, this book addresses such relevant topics as peer pressure, emotional difficulties, stress, fostering peace, and even protecting the environment. For everyone looking for self-help, self-esteem, and self-awareness, this book offers advice on:

-Discovering truth in a world of hype

-Finding peace amid the ups and downs of life

-Accepting ourselves

-Working with difficult emotions

-How to meditate

-Dealing with temptations and making the right decisions about sex and drugs

-Advice on volunteering, working for peace, and protecting the environment

Publication Date: 
August 20, 2003